VayaV is all about meeting friends, making new friends, friends who also are providers of services  and advice, friends who are experts on issues relevant to you. Sometimes the ties are weak,  sometimes strong; they change with time and circumstances. But we really need them, especially  when you get older and lose friends and the ability to make new ones. They are called social  networks but what they are is nothing new: friends, family, acquaintances that you can depend on and  they can depend on you.   Since 2003 the world has seen the astonishing quick rise of virtual social networks. Millions of users joined them, but only a small percentage of those are senior citizens. Roughly speaking the analyses tell us that the relatively successful areas where the senior citizens are active are the ones that are closest to their ‘lifestyle’, their everyday experiences: email (reminding us of writing letters), search engines (looking up facts) and the subject of VayaV: the virtual 3D environment (closest to meeting and making friends in the real world). Email and search engines are already flooding the market. The 3D environment to meet people  almost as in the physical world has been ignored until now. The only examples are Second Life and  business applications. Second Life is built by ‘residents’, the users, themselves for themselves. Three  year research carried out by VayaV showed that this is not the fitting 3D environment our Target  group wants.  VayaV is a digital social network environment like Facebook, but with a feature Facebook cannot  deliver: the possibility to meet in groups and interact in groups. VayaV will be a 3D ‘world’ designed  and build according to the specifications our target groups will provide (VayaV Metaverse). VayaV  will also have its own interface to this Metaverse (VayaV Viewer).  VayaV Community Service is the third part of our product. We will start and maintain local VayaV  communities, together with municipalities and their partners. They will meet in a mix of physical and  virtual meetings. Mainly for pleasure and fun, but also for gain, training, increased experience and  knowledge about their possibilities and challenges. Specific topics will be provided. The communities  will be a mix of our target group with (local) service and product providers, computer hobbyists and  experts in certain relevant fields.  © VayaV 2011 Under Construction